Jul 25 2015

Tips For Practicing Guitar

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Any successful musician will tell you that in order to accelerate in your craft, you should continually practice. Here are some tips to consider during your practice session.

1.) Create A Schedule. Set up a practice curriculum for yourself. To become an excellent guitarist you need to develop a plan to follow, master and then modify so it challenges and keeps you moving forward.

2.) Never put off practicing. Simply put, the more you practice, the better you’ll get. When you set up a schedule, you’ll most likely set specific times to practice. Never assume you’ll  “get around to it” because most people never do and miss their practice session for the day. Make it a habit to get into your practice routine when you’re supposed to.

3.) Don’t spend more than an hour on any one thing. The brain can only hold so much new information before it says “enough.” Scientists have studied the changes that occur to the brain when a person learns something new. They’ve found it takes a while for the brain to recover before it can process new information. So limit yourself to one hour a day on anything that is new or especially challenging.

4.) Have a great place to practice. Your practice environment should be comfortable allowing you to practice in peace and quiet. It also needs to have the proper tools like a music stand, recording equipment/cd player for transcribing and improvising, sheet music (reading/reference materials) and a metronome. Avoid the television, cell phone and computer(social media) while practicing!

5.) Keep it funPracticing isn’t always fun, but there are ways to lessen the boredom. It’s nice to slip in some fun in between the more intense tasks of your practice schedule. Just make sure to get back on track after a short break!

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