Bass Lessons

Bass Lessons


  • Basic Technique, Notes And Scales
  • Rhythm Exercises
  • Finger And Picking Technique
  •  Working With A Drum Machine To Develop A Strong Sense Of Rhythm                 
  • Using Fingers And Tone To Create A Variety Of Sounds
  • Learning Songs From Your Favorite Artists


  • Emphasis On Groove And Locking In With The Drummer
  • Transcribing Songs From Well Known Artists, Emulating Specific Styles
  • Understanding The Role Of A Bassist In A Band, In Addition To Being Able To Play Melodically And Improvise
  • Slapping And Popping Techniques
  • Applying Music Theory To See How A Bass Line Relates To The Overall Structure Of A Song
  • Developing Ear For Improvisation And Transcribing


  • Working To Create An Individual Sound
  • Preparing For Playing In A Live Context With A Band Or In A Studio
  • Using Music Theory To Connect Bass Parts To All Other Aspects Of A Song
  • Applying Ear Training To Hear Where Chords Are Moving And Create More Interaction And Improvisation
  • Learning To Solo In Any Context
  • Understanding How The Bass, Drums, Chords And Melody Interact
  • Composing Original Songs

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Bass Lessons