May 06 2016

Guitar Repairs

By: Frank Macri

Posted in: Music News And Tips


Macri School Of Music is proud to announce the addition of one of Connecticut's top luthier for guitar repairs. With over 35 years of full time experience he will be able to handle any job from electronics and setup work, to heat treatment on warped guitar necks. Our main goal is total customer satisfaction, and we stand behind our repairs 100%. It is of the utmost importance for us to make your guitar look, sound and feel just the way you want!

Services We Offer:


Restring & Tune (6 string/bass)

Restring & Tune (12 string)

Neck Adjustment (Truss Rod)

Set Intonation w/Strobe Tuner

Level/Dress/Crown Frets 

Replace Machine Heads

Install New Nut 

Install Strap Button

Heat Treat Neck To Straighten                                                                                              


Remove Strings, Clean/Polish Frets and FingerBoard, Check Machine Heads/Bridge/Nut/Tail-Piece, Spray Out Electronics, Restring, Adjust Neck/Action/Intonation, Clean Body/Hardware, Play Test Above PLUS Balance/Lube Tremelo          

ACOUSTIC REPAIRS                                                    

Reglue Broken Peghead or Neck Heel            

Reglue Broken/Loose Brace           

Reglue Bridge Lift                              

Reglue Surface Crack               

Reglue Cracks Between Bridge Pin Holes           

Install/Shape New Bridge Saddle      

TREMELO WORK                                                            

Set Zero-Point On Floating Tremelo         

Install Tremelo Stabilizer

Install Hipshot B-Bender Unit


Install Pickups

Install Soundhole Pickup w/Output Jack/Install Active Pickup Set w/Battery

Install Under-The-Saddle Transducer Pickup

Replace Potentiometer

Replace Selector Switch

Run Tailpiece Ground

Install Mini Switch

Install Push/Pull Pot

Install Internal Preamp

Install Output Jack

Install Cavity Shielding Tape/Paint 

Spray Pots/Switches


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