Feb 24 2017

Free Beginner Acoustic Guitar Group Class

By: Frank Macri

Posted in: Music News And Tips


Macri School Of Music is excited to offer a free beginner acoustic guitar group class! Every student will learn about the composition of a guitar, chords, techniques on strumming and picking and finally learn a song.


Topics Include:

  • Meet and greet
  • Parts of the guitar
  • Names of the strings
  • Tuning
  • Reading chord diagrams and tab
  • Fretting strings
  • Holding the pick
  • Playing chords - Em, A , G, if time D
  • Switching chords
  • Playing in time – whole note strums, quarter notes, eighth notes
  • Basic strum pattern 1
  • Simple progressions
  • Riffs – Day Tripper, Norwegian Wood and Lean on Me
  • How to practice
  • Wrap-up


Sign up now for this free event on Wednesday April 5th at 6:00. Contact us either by phone (860)793-8455 or email at modern.guitarist@gmail.com



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