Piano Lessons

Piano LessonsBeginner

  • Learning Notes On The Piano
  • Sight Reading Basics
  • Basics Of Reading And Playing Piano Music
  • Posture And Coordination Development
  • Introduction To Ear And Rhythm Training
  • Memory Building
  • Practice Tips


  • Strength Building
  • Intermediate Ear And Rhythm Training
  • Intermediate Level Sight Reading
  • Intro To Intermediate Level Music
  • Memory Building For Piano Performance
  • Working On Legato And Dynamics
  • Counterpoint: Clarity And Control For The Left Hand
  • Performance Coaching


  • Advanced Level Strength Building
  • Advanced Level Ear And Rhythm Training
  • Trouble Shooting For Sight Reading
  • Transcription And Analysis
  • Interpretation And Expression
  • Career Counseling And Audition Preparation
  • Coaching for Ensemble Performances

Guitar Lessons

Piano Lessons

Bass Lessons