Aug 07 2015

Horizontal Pentatonic Minor Patterns

By: Frank Macri

Posted in: Guitar Scales


In an earlier lesson, we learned the five positions of the pentatonic minor scale. Now it’s time to put these positions in motion by moving between them. This way you not only get to play vertically on the neck, but also horizontally.

Figure 1. shows a one octave horizontal pentatonic minor pattern in A, which starts on position five and shifts into position one. To perform a shift, slide the third finger of your left hand from one fret to another while making sure to always maintain contact with the string during your slide.


Figure 2. displays a horizontal pattern beginning in position one that shifts into position two.

Figure 3. combines the horizontal patterns starting in position five, then shifting into position one and two. The pattern ends by descending in second position of the pentatonic minor scale.

Figure 4. starts in position three and then moves horizontally to position four.

The last horizontal pattern (Figure 5.) begins on position four of the pentatonic minor scale and shifts to the fifth position. 

Figure 6. combines the last two horizontal positions before descending in position five.

An important note to make when practicing this lesson is seeing the relationship between the five pentatonic positions and horizontal patterns. Knowing this opens up the possibility to play horizontally, or improvise over the current position. With these skills you’ll have the ability to play in any direction, regardless of where your improvisation has led you.


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