Apr 25 2017

Transcribing Songs and Solos- Free Guitar Workshop

By: Frank Macri

Posted in: Music News And Tips


Free yourself from your over dependence on TABS! Sure, we all need some instant gratification in our quest to improve on guitar and that means for most of us, finding tabs to learn solos and songs. Transcribing will vastly improve your playing by training yourself to play what you hear. You will learn to play solos and songs better, remember them more easily, apply theory and increase your fretboard knowledge all while developing your ability to hear music.

In this workshop we’ll cover essential transcribing basics and the tools needed. Next, we’ll transcribe short phrases and licks. Lastly, we’ll work on transcribing a solo from a song. Getting your ears together is the secret to better guitar playing and musicianship. Call us at 860-793-8455 to reserve your spot today! Space is limited.

Wednesday May 10th at 6:30

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